Lehigh County Humane Society
640 Dixon Street
Allentown, PA 18103

A Lifesaving Animal Shelter
Kitty Litter (non-clumping)
Pet Food (Purina Products)
Preferably food with no red dye
Pet Crates
Towels and Blankets
Cat and dog beds
Cleaning Supplies
Office Supplies
Requested Donation Items
The Lehigh County Humane Society relies on donations  from the community to nourish, house and provide medical attention to the thousands of pets seeking sanctuary each year. Please consider donating the following items:  

 Kuranda Dog Beds
Laundry Detergent
Kind Kids
Eddie donated dry cat food and dry dog food! He donated because he heard that we were in need of food for the animals!
Thank you Eddie!
Sabrina donated wet/dry cat and dog food! Sabrina donated food because she saw that the humane society needed food for the animals!
Good job Sabrina!
Carly donated dog food, cat food and wet cat food for the animals at the Lehigh County Humane Society. She saw that we needed food for the animals on the Channel 69 News!

Thank you Carly!
Stretch and Scratch
Abby donated blankets and towels because she loves the animals!!!
Way to go Abby!
Brooke and Julia donated wet and dry cat & dog food. They made this donation to help the kitties and doggies Thank you!
Let me be a voice for the speechless
Those who are small and weak
Let me speak for all helpless creatures
Who have no power to speak

                                           From: A Prayer for the Helpless
                                                                 By Helen Ingood
Alyssa donated two bags of dog food to help feed the animals!!!

Thank you Alyssa!
Laila and Penni donated food and toys because they saw that LCHS needed help! Thank you sweet girls!

Connor and Garrett donated dog and cat food. Only one brother was up for a photo
Thank you boys!
These two very amazing young men donated dog and cat food for the animals of LCHS! Thank you!
This amazing young lady donated dog and cat food to the animals of the Lehigh County Humane Society!

Thank you!
Tanner and Logan donated cat food in honor of their sweet cat Annie who they just lost at the age of 19. They miss her very much but feel so blessed to have had her for such a long time. They also wished all of their furry friends at LCHS a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you so very much Tanner and Logan!