Lehigh County Humane Society
640 Dixon Street
Allentown, PA 18103

A Lifesaving Animal Shelter
Kitty Litter (non-clumping)
Pet Food (Purina Products)
Preferably food with no red dye
Pet Crates
Towels and Blankets
Cat and dog beds
Cleaning Supplies
Office Supplies
Requested Donation Items
The Lehigh County Humane Society relies on donations  from the community to nourish, house and provide medical attention to the thousands of pets seeking sanctuary each year. Please consider donating the following items:  

 Kuranda Dog Beds
Laundry Detergent
Kind Kids
12 year old Elliot and 9 year old Oliver read on Facebook that The Lehigh County Humane Society was very low on wet cat food and white copy paper. They immediately went to the store with mom and purchased these items and donated! Thank you!
This lovely young lady collected donations for the animals! Thank you!
4 year old Quin donated this bag of food for the wonderful animals of The Lehigh County Humane Society! We want to thank Quin and his parents for teaching him young to be an animal lover! Thank you!
Stretch and Scratch
12 year old Natalie purchased dog and cat food with her allowance! Wow, that is selfless! Thank you Natalie!
11 year old Kylee and 9 year old Chayce purchased and donated three large bags of dog food to the dogs of The Lehigh County Humane Society! Thank you girls!
Let me be a voice for the speechless
Those who are small and weak
Let me speak for all helpless creatures
Who have no power to speak

                                           From: A Prayer for the Helpless
                                                                 By Helen Ingood
These three wonderful siblings 6 year old twins Abbie and Brooke and their 8 year old brother Adam raised money for the animals of The Lehigh County Humane Society because they love animals! Thank you kids!
10 year old Sammy and 7 year old Ashley came to The Lehigh County Humane Society to pass out cat toys that they purchased. These girls are cat lovers! They did not forget about the dogs, they also purchased dog snacks for our k-9 residents! Thank you girls! 
10 year old Riley purchased and donated this healthy bag of dog food for the dogs residing at The Lehigh County Humane Society. Thank you Riley!