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Happy Endings

We adopted “Goldie”, now known as Bailey, in the beginning of October and she is very well adjusted and happy in her new home! She brings us tremendous joy every day with her high energy, abundant affection, and love of play, play, play! Bailey has a serious tennis ball addiction but that is just part of her charm.
 My fiance and I came to LCHS after months of searching local pit bull rescues for the our first Dog together . When we got there, a staff member asked us if we were strictly searching for a pitbull. We said we thought so but were open to visiting with other breeds. She went in the back and brought out the most adorable 4 month old german shepherd mix named Sammie who had just been surrendered by her owner the day before. Instantly my fiancé and I fell in love with her and she fell in love with us. She showered us with kisses and jumped on our laps. It was as if she chose us. We have had the pleasure of owning her for 3 months now and we can't imagine life without her. She is the most spoiled puppy on earth and has even visited the Easter bunny! It is not easy raising a puppy, but we wouldn't trade it for the world. We love her and she is our baby! Thank you LCHS for the most amazing adoption experience! Xoxo, Paula, Brett and Sammie
 Can you say spoiled? Yes, that is definitely Ebony's status. She is a wonderful girl, and we can't see being without her.

Riggs and Henry
I found Riggs (the slightly bigger one) and Henry in the same cage, 2 and half years apart at the Humane Society.

From the beginning Riggs, who I adopted in April of 2008, was nothing but love, happiness and looking for affection. I think he may be the product of a family that could not longer afford to have a dog and just left him. Henry, who I adopted Christmas Eve 2010, was a different story. He took to me and my wife right away but is still very nervous around people he doesn't know. I think his road to my home was a little more troublesome than Riggs.

As you can see, they love to swim and hang together. Riggs's favorite thing is to play catch, or swim after the frisbee. Henry loves to do whatever Riggs is doing.

Both boys are truly happy and have made us very, very happy and appreciative of the love they give. 
This is Buddy. I adopted him a short while after Easter in 2008. I originally went to LCHS to look at another rabbit on the website. When I got there, this little guy was making such a racket & trying to get my attention. I finally walked over to see him and he kept standing on his back legs to be petted. He was so friendly, let me pick him up and he snuggled right under my chin. I fell in love with him right away and he came home with me. I think he was about 6 months old. He has a great life with us and is a very sweet little guy!
We adopted Phoebe (aka Sonia) from LCHS back in 2010. She has been a loving addition to our family. She gets along great with her siblings (2 poodle mixes). Thanks for all you do!
Janice Solla
​Would you like us to post your own happy ending of a pet you've adopted from The Lehigh County Humane Society? Submit a short story and photo to our email.

Princess and Joker
Thanks so much! Jessie (Joker) and Nikki (Princess) are doing wonderfully!!! They LOVE each other so much! Thanks again for allowing us the opportunity to have these 2 beautiful love-bugs in our lives. We really love them! And thanks for all you do to make sure that all the lives that come to your shelter go to great homes. :)

This message was emailed to us from the recent adopters of a shelter favorite, Anthony.

"Anthony was adopted on 5-5-12 and when we left the shelter on adoption day, the workers asked us to send them a picture. Well...here it is. We just love him and we think the picture proves how he feels about his new home. Just love him to pieces and want to share. We are so pleased with our decision to add him to our family!"
She's very sweet and we love her a lot.
Jazzy's one month adoption anniversary was on March 20. For her anniversary I bought her some outfits. 
This is Jony respelled Johny. I adopted him last year in February from LCHS. I could not ask for a better dog. He brings a smile to my face everyday. Johny is full of life and loved greatly. Thank you LCHS for letting me give Johny his furever home!

Genevieve Kline
​"My Husband and I adopted Dunkin (now named Eli ) On September 5, Which was love at first sight, We knew he was the one for our family. He took very quicky to his new home & has become an instant family member. He is very lovable and enjoys all the attention and fits perfectly in our family! I'm always so excited to get home from work to get his sweet happy kisses. He has been the best dog we could have hoped for! We are so happy we were able to give Eli a forever home where he is finally loved & cared for.

Sadie and Clover
Hello! We wanted to give an update on Sadie (aka Lauren) and Clover. We adopted them both in March last year. We love them so much and are so happy to have them as our family. They were instantly best friends from the first day home!
Thank you so much!
Chris and Christine Hertzog

​We adopted Orville (now Jonah) on March 1. We could not be any happier!! He is the happiest and friendliest dog ever. He and his big brother (Noah) are becoming best friends. They love to go on walks and they play together all day! We are so grateful that Jonah is now a part of our family. 

Jack and Jill
​HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK & JILL!!!!! These two precious pups came into my life and home one year ago today on February 15, 2013. It has been one up and down year with them getting them trained but I am telling you they were worth every minute of it!!! I love these two dogs so much that my heart is overflowing with love for them. They were strays picked up in Allentown last January. Since we don't know what their actual birthday is we picked February 14 because of the special meaning of that day and the next day is when they came home!!! The shelter believed that they were almost a year old if not just a little over a year at the time they were picked up. They are the loves of my life!!! The first picture is from the day they were picked up and the second picture is a few months ago! They are just two of four dogs living in my house that are spoiled rotten!!!!!!


Just wanted to pass on this recent pic of Trinny. As you can see, she has settled in and this is now truly her home. What an absolutely sweet, kind and gentle soul she is. My only regret is that she didn't come to us earlier in her life. Thanks again for our girl! ps - if you thought she might be snoring in this pic, you're right. :

I just wanted to thank the LCHS for providing me with the opportunity to adopt this wonderful kitten last month. Her shelter name was Bee, but she has taken to her second name Malikia, which means queen in Swahili. She is such a loving and playful kitten and I couldn't have wished for a better cat. Thanks so much for all you do and all the animals you save each year. 
She is my princess! Flossy has brought so much joy into my life, I can't imagine life without her! Thank you!
Piffington aka Puff

My daughter calls him Puff! Since she couldn't say Piff. So that has become his new name. Which he seems to love. He is spoiled rotten and loves cuddling and playing with his new sister!!


​7 yrs ago last week Kate turned 5 and her wish for a cat came true in the form of a skinny fur rag from the streets of Allentown that she promptly named "lulu" and couldn't have loved more...

Thank you LCHS for making Teaberry a part of our home. We couldn't imagine our family without her. 

Here is Hyanna! We adopted her two weeks ago, and she is doing very well.

Cole and Star

Over a year ago, Northampton County Animal Control brought in two Afghan Hounds to your shelter. You needed to keep them for two weeks and then the Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue took them. We were lucky to find a forever home who took them both. Their names are Cole & Star and here is a photo of them taken at Halloween. From left to right, Cole, Star and Zack (their brother).


She has been a WONDERFUL
addition to our family. She is so great with my kids! She acts as their little
protector! They love her to pieces. We couldn't have adopted a better dog!


We adopted Tory (now known as Casey) in October 2012.We can't imagine our family without her. She loves going for long walks every day. She is happy, healthy, and is such a great dog!!!
We adopted "Ben" which we named Brody over 4 years ago for LCHS! He is our JOY & we love him so much!!!
We always encourage families to adopt!! These babies appreciate having a furever home!!!
Kunz Family  

We adopted Duo.. We named her Ferrari because she is stunning, fast and high maintenance. She is doing pretty well. We are working through some health issues and trying to get some weight on her. She is learning so much each day and teaching us some things too. Rob takes her running to burn up her extra energy. And we go on lots of walks and do some hiking whenever we can. She and our golden are becoming great friends as you can see in the photos. Their favorite game is tug of war.​

Magillicutty aka Toby​
"My fiance and I adopted Magillicutty (now named Toby) the day before Thanksgiving! Even though he was a little shy at first, he opened up very quickly and he fit right in with the family! He has been the best dog we could have hoped for! He loves to cuddle in our bed and on the couch with us when we are watching tv! We are so happy we were able to give this little guy a home."
Bud aka Buddy

This is Bud, now Buddy. We adopted him from the shelter at the end of March. He has become a huge part of our family and loves everyone. As you can see he's making himself comfortable on daddy's lap!! We are so greatful to the shelter for taking him in....he's the best cat ever!!!

The Kessler family

Hugo adopted from LCHS, enjoying the good life with his brother!