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A message from Bailey's new family:
We adopted Bailey from you on July 17th and it was the best thing we ever did! He is an amazing dog and a loyal companion to our entire family. This is our first adoption as a family and you guys at LCHS made it special. Bailey is a wonderful family member( just like one of our kids) and we love him very much. Thank you for allowing us to adopt such a wonderful dog!
We just wanted to let you all know that "George" who is now "max" is doing great in his new home. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. He is very loveable, playful and great with other dogs. He is the most spoiled dog ever with treats galore and all the toys he could want. Taking our nightly walks is one of his favorite things to do. He is, however, recovering nicely from a umbilical hernia but other than that he is 65 pounds of healthy puppy. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to meet this big ol' baby. 
A message from Tiger's adopter:

This is Tiger. Adopted through the LCHS on July 5th, 2003. Tiger was just 3 months when I brought him home, he’s now 9. Tiger’s first adopter returned him. I believe they felt he was “too much puppy”. I was lucky enough to give him a second chance in my home. With a lot of work and persistence, he has turned out to be a wonderful addition to my family. Thank you!!!
On May 4th 2010, we received a frantic call for help from witnesses to a black and white dog's fall from a three story building in Allentown. Upon arriving at the scene, LCHS workers found a severely injured adult male dog in shock and unable to walk.
The dog, named Wally by his rescuers, was rushed in the Humane Society's ambulance to Quakertown emergency hospital where it was determined that both of the dog's front legs were broken. An urgent appeal to animal lovers for help resulted in an outpouring of concern and dontaions to help cover Wally's medical care.
After multiple surgeries and intense rehabilitaion by caring shelter workers, Wally was considered ready for adoption. During his months at the shelter, Wally had gained "mascot status" and shelter workers began to despair that Wally would never find a permanent family. Their despair turned to delight when a couple from Fountain Hill met Wally and took instant liking to this winsome fellow. On Sunday, October 9th, fifteen months after coming to the Humane Society's care, Wally went home to join his new family. His family reports that he is a joy to them and has adjusted beautifully to his new life.
 Hi! I adopted Zoe, aka Church, from you back in January, she has been doing so well and has really come out of her shell since becoming part of our family :) She carries this little blue blanket with her everyone and even sleeps with it. Thank you to everyone for helping us find our perfect friend!! She just loves to sit and look out the window all day, Zoe says hi to everyone, and thanks again for everything!!

Dexter (formally Dante) Turned 3 Yrs old this month and just wanted to say hi and Thank you to his friends at the Humane Society for the opportunity to be living happy in his forever home.

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Nevin joined our family in July of 2012. This is him chilling on our bed. As you can see, he is a happy & healthy little guy. We really love him!

This message was emailed to us from the recent adopters of a shelter favorite, Anthony.

"Anthony was adopted on 5-5-12 and when we left the shelter on adoption day, the workers asked us to send them a picture. Well...here it is. We just love him and we think the picture proves how he feels about his new home. Just love him to pieces and want to share. We are so pleased with our decision to add him to our family!"
A message from Mickey's adopter:

"We adopted Mickey (known to you as Peeney) in September of 2006. Mickey was a 10 year old senior dog. Your ad on Petfinder said he was a true sweetheart…a treasure. Well he was all that and more. He was the sweetest, most loving dog and quickly became a great friend and valued family member. He loved walks, stuffed toys and going places, but most of all he loved his people. Sadly, Mickey passed away on 4/5/2012, after over 5 and ½ terrific years with us. He will be loved and missed forever. Attached is a picture from March of this year. Thank you Lehigh County Humane for letting Mickey find his forever home!"
This is Waldo....now named Dublin. I adopted him in December 2011 from you and he is the best dog ever!!! He is such a cuddle bug!!!


An update fom Nellie's new family:

​Hi! I wanted to give an update on our pitbull named Nellie (kept her name) that we adopted from the shelter a few weeks ago. She immediately fit right in to our family. She is one of the absolute sweetest dogs I have ever met. Her and our other dog Rubie just love each other too! We could not be happier with our choice to adopt from LCHS. Thank you to the staff there for caring for this sweet girl until she found her forever home with us!!

A message from Cady's new family:

We just adopted Cady this past Friday and I couldn't imagine a better companion. She didn't waste a single moment getting to know us and her new home. It took her a day to realize all the toys and bones were hers but now that she knows they are hers and we are here to play with her we can't seem to keep the toys cleaned up! Cady wakes up every day full of energy and excitement but when she is ready to sleep we are sure to find her curled up under blankets or trying to cuddle up with one of us. She loves being spoiled as much as we love to spoil her. It amazes me she was at the shelter for so long but they say good things take time and I guess we were just waiting to find each other! Everyone who contributes to this shelter is amazing and we are beyond grateful :)

A message from Prometheus's new family:

We adopted Prometheus in August. We went to the shelter, met him, and knew he was the one for our family! He adjusted amazingly to our home and is loving his new backyard he shares with his sister Akira, who took some time to get used to him but has come around. He has been an amazing addition to our home and has helped our daughter get through some scary times! We have learned since bringing him home, he has a lot of love and he wants to give it to every human, dog, and cat that he meets! 
Ever aka Emma

A message from Emma's new family:

I just wanted to update everyone on how my Emma is. Her name was "Ever" while she was at your shelter, and was a very sick kitty when you got her. In 2007, She was 5 months old, weighed 5 lbs, and had a bad upper respiratory infection. It was through the care that your facility and volunteers gave her that she became well enough for us to take her home. She's now a healthy 13 lbs and very happy. She's a cuddler still, and loves watching the birds and squirrels outside. A HUGE thank you for caring for her and choosing me to be her mommy!

A message from Brittany's family:

This is Brittany. We got a few months ago. Brittany is so happy to be apart of our family. She love camping and playing ball. Brittany enjoys walking on the beach and sleeping under the covers. She so lovable. Thank you LCHS for bring Brittany to us.
 Love Brittany and the Kemp family
A message from Charity's adopters:

Here are some recent pictures of Charity - she's 100% healthy and seems very happy in her new home!
A message from Cupid's adopters:

Cupid loves his new home!He follows everyone around the house and takes turns sitting on their laps.He enjoys sleeping with all four of my kids and has the habit of snoring.He even likes to sit on the edge of the tub when people take their showers.He has lots of room to run around and enjoys playing with all of his new toys.Thank you to staff member that introduced us to Cupid.
Koehler family
My husband and I adopted a scared, clearly neglected/abused, dachshund that was left at your shelter in 2005. In fact, the woman who showed us Hans (formerly Pioko) said she couldn't get anywhere with him and was concerned that he maybe permanently affected by his experiences prior to arriving at LCHS. After we were in the greeting room with Hans, we knew we had a challenge on our hands but, there was just something beautiful about this little guy and we adopted him. As all dachshunds are, he was a handful of stubborness with a touch of spite but, past his doxie shell we found the sweetest and most loving dog we have ever had! In about a half of a year he became the crown prince of our household and, we wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you LCHS for what you do and the great gift you have given Hans and our family. 
Pioko aka Hans

Just wanted to let everyone know Duke's (Braveheart) first night at home went better than expected!! He and his sister are starting to get comfortable with one another already, and even slept on the bed together with their humans! Lots of thanks & hugs from Duke!!!

Hugh Jackman

We just wanted you to know that Hugh Jackman is doing great. We love him and he is easily adjusting to our family. Thanks again!


We love him. He sure gives us lots of kisses so I would assume he loves us too. He definitely has a lot of energy so thankfully we are active & live by a park. I may soon have to take up jogging though since walking seems too slow for him. Yes well, it'll get me in shape. 
Porky Pig

He is the perfect dog for us! Thank you!

I am happy to report that Digby has done and continues to do very well in his new home with his greyhound sister, River. He absolutely adores her and is such a sweet and loving dog. Digby has even become an unofficial therapy dog at a nursing home in Easton. He loves the residents and the residents love him!
  Digby has brought happiness not only to my life, but also to others and he changes people's stereotypical view of pit bulls. I could not be more proud of my baby!!
  I'd like to give a very big thank you to the shelter staff for doing what you do. These animals would not find their forever homes without you.
Ottis and Emmy

We've settled into our new home so nicely. We loved playing with our new toys on the couch this morning!! We're such sweet, kind, loving & calm dogs; our new mommy couldn't have asked for better dogs than us! We hope everyone considers adopting a rescue. They might be able to find a diamond in the rough like us. .


Wanted to share a picture of a very happy puppy "Butters" now named Harley. He's doing great, spending time with my parents other Cockerspaniel, Minnie, that was adopted there 5 yrs ago as well as playing with my St.Bernard. Just wanted to say thank you to the shelter for two wonderful dogs!!

Today we celebrated the one year adoption of Petey - It's been one long party all day! Thank you for letting us adopt him. He is love wrapped up in a bundle. He is so very friendly to everyone. Our walks turn into visits everywhere we go.

Thank you for the job you do. I know the hard work that goes into one dog - I can't imagine how you do what you do.  

Keep up the great work - I wish everyone could experience the love of a dog - especially one like Petey - he is so amazing.
TeaCup and Calista

We adopted beautiful Calista and Teacup (now renamed Princess) in the beginning of October. We absolutely adore them and are so glad they could become a part of the family. They love their walks through the woods and love playing with each other. They are constantly burning off all their extra energy by playing tug of war with their toys! We can't wait to adopt more when the time comes! 


I adopted "Hugo" the tuxedo cat a couple years ago from you guys, he is doing amazing and is still giving hugs .. many many many hugs on a daily basis! We renamed him Diesel, because his purr is so loud!! 

Ebony has become an instant family member; everyone fell in love with her right away. We visited Grammy & Pappa and got a present from a friend. She loves being groomed and picture-ready..and definitely loves investigating her new huge backyard with her Daddy! Thank you for everything & hoping that all the furbabies get furever homes!