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Happy Endings

Hi... Just wanted to send you a current pic of Maynard in his new home. Looks pretty comfy to me. (Transferred from LCHS to Upper Bucks and ADOPTED!)

This is Jade. We adopted her as a tiny baby almost 5 years ago. She is the sweetest cat ever who loves to be held and loves to give kisses. She is our love.
This is Bentley formerly known as Marvin....I came in just to check out the animals with no intentions of adopting, but once this little fellow locked eyes with me it was game over. I remember coming up to the front counter and asking to play with him in the get acquainted room. There was this sad, shy, scared little puppy with his ears down barely wanting anything to do with me but I still fell in love. I remember asking one of the employees if something was wrong with his hind legs because he would basically crawl to you dragging his hind legs behind him. It was then I realized he needed me as much as I needed him so I immediately filled out the adoption papers and a few days later brought it my other two small dogs Cody and Jace which unfortunately I purchased from a pet store 9 years ago. They all got along great so I patiently waited to hear from the staff at LCHS a few days later I received the call that I was approved, but had to wait a few days until he got neutered....that seemed liked the longest few days ever. He has brought such joy to our lives and after the experience and just overall reward of rescuing a dog I will never again buy a pet store dog. Thank you LCHS for the sweetest, cutest, most playful pup we could ever ask for.
This is my precious girl Haley, that I adopted from your shelter 14 years ago! She is the love of our lives!

My profile picture is our lovely gentle boy Cuddles. He came to our lives in September 2004. We were at LCHS to see a Shih tzu girl but she was already adopted. Our lovely boy was in his cage jumping up and down, so we decided to see him and we fell in love with this happy go lucky man . We were told a family already filled in an application and they were given ok, however we were encouraged to fill one as well. While we were filling it, the family called to say they decided not to adopt him. Their loss became our gain He is around 16-17 now and has stage 3 kidney failure since September, and we didn't know if he will be with us for Thanksgiving and then the holiday season, but he is hanging in there He is our joy along with her adopted sister, Lucy (she came to our lives from Last Chance Ranch). Thanks!
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Joe and Abbey. We adopted Joe (the orange boy) around 12 years ago but we believe he is around 14. He is an affectionate cat who loves attention. Abbey (the brown tiger) was adopted around 9 years ago, we guess she is around 10. She is a total diva and has no problem letting anyone knows that she is the queen of the house. We adore them both. Thanks for keeping them safe until we adopted them.

This is Roger now known as Rooney. I adopted him about 3 years ago at the Lehigh County Humane Society. I remember going in there looking for a small dog and I saw him and  immediately fell in love. He is such a mommy's boy and the sweetest dog in the world. He is the  biggest baby! He is very spoiled and loves to sleep A LOT lol . I am so glad I adopted him because i don't know what my life would be without him and wouldn't have it any other way! 
I adopted Nala from LCHS February 27, 2010. Formerly Cinnamon, Nala is a little diva. She has her own room and sleeps on the sofa at night. She has her own Twitter account, @BunnyNala, with over 1,100 followers. She has made many bunny friends from all over the world. Recently, she became a big sister! Nala is a great bunny and a great pet! I'm so happy I found her.
Hello LCHS! This is Munson (formerly Gus) adopted from LCHS on August 8th, 2013! He has been hopping around our lives and have made them much more special and chaotic ever since. Thank you for everything you do at LCHS, without you, I wouldn't have my tripawd furbaby! 

Autumn adopted from LCHS in 2009. We could not be happier with Autumn!

Lady (now Bug) was so skittish that it took almost three weeks for a Good Samaritan to catch her. She was extremely distrustful of men ( with good reason). One, kind LCHS employee began to earn her trust in the month or so she spent with you, and we kept working on it after she came home with us.

She's in her 4th year of Advanced Agility and Obedience class, and this Fall Bug helped lead her class in the largest animal parade in the US in Pennsburg. Also, she visited a local middle school to bring a smile to the kids before the holidays. She's come such a long way. We are proud of her! Thanks for bringing us together.
I adopted MeowMeow (formerly Heights) almost 8 years ago. He was a skinny, greasy furred and supposedly not litter trained adult. He drew me in by chatting with me through his cage bars. He's very vocal, affectionate and is my pillow buddy every night. He is absolutely the best spontaneous decision I have ever made. He now rules over my house with his new little sister Penny (formerly Meow) who I adopted from the LCHS last May and another Maine Coon adopted through FURR. Thank you LCHS!

Two years ago my husband and I moved and were finally able to get a dog. We have 4 kids and 2 cats so we needed to be selective and get the perfect dog. We went to the shelter for months at least once a week if not more walking different dogs trying to find "our" dog. One day we started talking to a dog named copper who we had previously ignored as he seemed aggressive in his kennel. We took him for a walk and he stole our hearts that day. If it is possible to have a dog soul mate, Theodore Eugene is mine. Thank you!
I adopted Jax in 2010 and he has been with us and a part of our family ever since, he is the sweetest and kindest dog and amazing with both of my boys... Couldn't imagine our life and home without him! 
It was the summer of '99, hot and humid, my son was 7 at the time. Somehow I found myself at the LCHS looking for a dog because my son promised he would do whatever he had to do to take of it. At the time, the shelter was undergoing renovations and there weren't a lot of smaller dogs. We went into the small dog room and walked down the row, talking to everyone as we went. We really didn't have a breed or color or basically, really any idea on what we were looking for. When we reached the end stall, there he was. He was the only dog who jumped to to say hi and got up on the wall for a pat on the head. We, of course, fell in love with Oreo! We never changed his name. Because of the renovations, he couldn't be bathed before he came home.
Flash forward 15 years and he is still going strong! He lost his hearing and is losing his sight, he is filled with fatty tumors and pees a lot, but he still has pep in his step. My 7 year old is now 22 and lives in Florida and as you probably guessed when getting a dog for a young child, it very quickly becomes your responsibility. I never minded! He was always my snuggle buddy and continues to be although he won't get up on the bed anymore and struggles to get on the couch with us at night. He has gone on many walks and always loved chasing the tennis ball and could run like the wind! Now he is quite content just hanging out with me. We have adopted two other dogs over the years. Roxy who my fiance took right out of the back of someones truck on the turnpike, the guy said he was "getting rid of them". He saved her and her sister that day and we very quickly found a home for her sister. Then along came Merlin. A little rat terrier that I saw on the another shelters site and fell for. Merlin loves to snuggle with Oreo and saves the romping and stomping for Roxy.
It was very hard for me to just pick a few pictures, after 15...almost 16 years...there have been a ton taken! I was also going to keep this short, but have so much to share! Two more stories, I promise! We used to to up to the Poconos to our mother's cabin and I would always take the O-dog along and he would run around with her dog. One morning, very early, my sister took them out and they crossed the road. Instead of going over and getting them, she whistled for them to come back and while they were crossing, Oreo got hit by a truck. Needless to say, it was bad. We had no clue where to take him up there for treatment, but were finally directed to a facility in Scranton. A drive that seemed like forever! He had a bad laceration on his leg, a collapsed lung and many other injuries. They kept him overnight, we picked him up and since my mother was staying for a week at the cabin, we decided to let him rest with her for the week. Long story short, he recovered and could still run like the wind!
About six years ago, this'll be short because it was horrific for me, I put him in the yard on his lead and he was attacked by the neighbors pit bull, who was not on a leash. That dog tried his hardest to kill Oreo, but I beat that dog with everything I could get my hands on and it slowed him down. He finally became tired and released O and I hustled him inside and off to the clinic on Fullerton Ave. because it was 9 at night. He again had to stay overnight and had to have all kinds of drains and stuff because this dog really did a number on him. Again, he fully recovered and thankfully, never lost his love for other dogs. I always called him my kittydog, not only because it seemed he wanted to snuggle all the time, but because he has nine lives.
Thanks LCHS for taking him in and caring for him until we could find him! I'm getting tears in my eyes as I write this because I will be so sad when it's him time to go, but sometimes I go to the shelter and walk around and think, it won't take me long to give another homeless animal a safe place to call home.
I adopted Junior in July 2010.
He was a 4 months old and full
of energy and love. He is still both
of those and I could not love him
more than I do. He is sweet, funny,
charismatic and hasn't met a human
he doesn't love. Not one day goes by
that he doesn't make me smile and
This is Sophie (previously Reba at LCHS). We adopted her from LCHS in June of 2012. Everyone that meets her says that she is the best dog they've ever met. She has turned "non dog people" into dog lovers! She is such a sweet girl who loves walks, playing in the yard, and going on adventures. We love her very much!
I am writing to update you on Sven and Luke. We renamed them Randy and Ralphie and they are doing wonderful.They have a floor to ceiling cat tower, tons of toys and a huge new house to run around in. We feel blessed to have adopted them and given them this home and i think they feel the same! 
Jethro came into our life on July 6, 2013 and changed our lives forever. He became part of our family and could not live without him. He is a very sweet boy. He loves to give us kisses. He only eats mommy's cooking such as grilled chicken, steaks or salmon. He loves the car rides daily when my daughter drops me to work . Every night his favorite spot is at daddy's stomach while lying down in the couch watching tv. Last year we decided to celebrate his 1st birthday on August 4, the same birthday as my husband. Today he turns 2 for us , we love celebrating his birthday with my husband.
He sleeps with us at our bed every night and can't sleep anymore without him. He is our baby and a spoiled one and he gives us love more than the love we give into him.
Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity and chance to share this little one to our family.

Your's truly,

We adopted Sammy from LCHS a little over 2 years ago and we couldn't be happier with him! He's the coolest dog on the block!! He loves car rides and long walks everyday. We can't wait to get him a brother or sister soon!
Diggy (Formerly Leonard)

After our adoption with Prometheus we decided to adopt a cat. We went into the shelter wanting a cat that was laid back but affectionate, we found Diggy (Leonard) and knew after being in the get acquainted room that he was the one. His laid back, chill personality was the right balance to Prometheus's high energy. When we adopted Diggy, he had some weight issues, but he is now at a healthy weight. As a result of this, he has gained much more energy but is still a chill cat. In two years, he has adjusted amazingly from being in the Cat Playroom with other cats to being the only spoiled cat in the house.


We adopted Zorro four months ago from your shelter. We are pleased to tell you that he is doing great. His health is perfect and we have all adapted to one another quite well! He now enjoys long walks, Jeep rides, chasing squirrels out of his huge backyard, and most importantly playing frisbee for hours on end! Thank you for all that you do and allowing us to gain an awesome new family member. Zorro is quite possibly the best dog I have ever met.


Beaker (formerly Cuervo) with his best friend Duncan the Chocolate Lab.​

I just wanted to provide an update on Mr. Peppers (new name is Berrin). I rescued him December 7th, 2012 and it was the best decision I've ever made. He is such a sweet, happy boy and he loves his home and family. Thank you for finding him so I could rescue him.
Charlie was ADOPTED from LCHS and is now resting comfortably at home. The family life is treating Charlie well!
I adopted Belle from LCHS. She is a great girl. She loves to walk and play in the park. She loves my cats. Thank you! She has a great home. I got her a friend. He needed a home too. They are buddies!​

I changed Pablo's name to Buster. He just had his second vet check and is a very healthy boy and very happy in his new home, he is a very friendly pup with people, kids,and other animals. He is full of energy and very playful. I am so glad that we found each other I couldn't ask for a better friend.
Na'Nuk formally Jolly Socks is so thankful for his wonderful family! He was adopted a couple of years ago from LCHS!
This is Lacy ... She was with you at your shelter for eight months.she found me when I went in to look for another dog after I had just put my other Pitbull to rest after battling cancer.She found me that day and we haven't looked back. 
Harry (aka Pip #A22153563) was brought into your facility in March, and my husband happened to spot him that night. He was told he could not even see him until the waiting period for re-claiming was over, so we came back in a few days later to meet him. He was such a tiny little shy thing, so scared & so sweet. We chose to adopt him and had to bring in our big boy Denali to make sure he would be ok with a little brother. They were introduced outside at your facility and all seemed to go ok.

So on March 19th he came home with us. He was renamed Harry, taken for a check up to our vet & got a clean bill of health. Apparently little Harry was younger then we originally thought, and found out he was pretty much still a baby. He did wind up going from 7 to 10 lbs in the time we have him. A few days after coming home little Harry came out of his shell & after that there was no stopping him. He took to Denali immediately following him everywhere, and in no time started to wrestle, run, jump, bite at him every minute of the day. We are very fortunate our Big D, as we sometimes call our boy Denali (who also came from your shelter ~2 yrs ago) is such a sweet boy & absolutely amazing with Harry. He puts up with all his horseplay and never gets rough with him. The two can run around outside & wrestle inside for hours on end. Of course my poor house can get a beating from time to time, but watching them wrestle while I watch TV sometimes is funnier than watching TV. It's amazing how a 70 lb & a 10 lb dog can play & play without hurting each other.

Harry was a bit tough to housetrain, and at times we still have to work on it a bit. He is so sweet & such a comical little boy. He has a stubborn streak though & at times we lovingly call him the devil dog because he really is -- we have to be very careful about anything that gets on the floor or anything in his reach, because it will be history. No matter how many toys he has to chew & squeak (he has to steal all of Denali's), he still loves to steal anything he can get. He is many times called Dirty Harry as well as the Devil-dog. We just love him to death though & would not have it any other way. We have to just be extra careful to make sure he doesn't get ahold of something that can hurt him. Sometimes I feel it's like having a toddler. I'm sure a lot of that is because he is still a baby.

So I had to let you know the two boys are doing well, having a great time together, and keeping me busy with walks & walks, and play time in the yard. They are both high energy but I don't mind, since it gets me out & keeps me moving. It also helps they have each other so they can wrestle around when they are bored. Harry is a bit of a cat chaser though, and because of this, Denali has started to get in on the act at times as well. So our poor fat boy Nevin (who is also one of your shelter boys) gets harassed at times, but I have a feeling he kind of likes it, since he seems to go around & around with Harry at times, & neither is any worse for wear. Nevin has his claws & has many pounds on Harry and yet they bat, mouth & carry on without anyone yelping for help, except maybe once or twice Harry gets it when he doesn't know when to quit. So all in all, we have one big happy family with all the boys, even though my house sometimes takes a beating, they are definitely worth it.

Thank you again for our special "kids", and for all you do there at the shelter.
In 2006, we adopted our boy Cody! Once known as "Mater!" Cody was just a little guy when we first brought him home.. But once he found his love for food, that quickly changed! Cody is 8 years old now.. & now that he's becoming an old man.. He loves to sleep & cuddle up under a blanket!! He's always been such a good boy, just a laid back old man! Who we all love so much!! & we're so thankful we came upon him at the humane society!! We've only ever had great experiences with you! Considering we've adopted a total of 4 from you guys now! Rescued is the best breed!
This is Kaepernick, Kap for short, adopted 10/26/14. As you can see he thinks he's a cat, he's become a member of our family & couldn't be more spoiled! Everyone at LCHS was awesome at helping us get him home!!!
About 4yrs ago I adopted Miss Sadie Bell. I clearly remember that day walking into the humaine society with my father on a mission to look for a black lab. To my surprise there was none.. I was little disappointed but then my dad said to me how about this one... I turned my head and saw a beautiful border collie looking right at me. I kneeled down right next to her kennel, she began to hand me her paw within that moment she captured my heart when she chose me to be her owner.... Best day of my life is when I adopted Miss Sadie Bell